The red-band maxi map

Route 2 Maxi-taxi map
A draft of the red-band (Route 2) maxi-taxi map

We made a transit map for some of the current transport options in the East-West Corridor in North Trinidad. Imagine if Trinidad and Tobago regulated maxis and taxis more and included them in a proper unified public transport system with timetables and other features. The purpose of publishing this map is to spur the people of T&T and leadership to further advocate for and create better public transport solutions.

Keep in mind this is just a draft map. A more complete map would ideally include taxi routes and PTSC bus routes, and also include other regions of T&T. Also note that the black dots, are not “maxi stops”, as the maxis stop anywhere along their routes.

Download the Route 2 MAXI Map draft in PDF format (free)

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